The Fitzroy poetry collective is where I was able to explore and develop the ideas and subsequent rules for what has become documentary poetry while also being exposed to a range of forms and styles of poetry totally alien to my own.

The Fitzroy poetry collective is a regular meeting  of  professional and amateur poets along with several new writers  that formed some years prior to when I join in 2010. Each month we meet, discuss our work, if we wish to then read a current draft of something we are working on so we may receive feedback about it.

This feedback can be invaluable. When I first began to exploring the potential of documentary poetry having a regular opportunity to have excellent poets  give me their thoughts and opinions on what at the time I thought pushed the very boundaries of what can be called a poem proved pivotal in me continuing to work on the technique

Until its closer for redevelopment in 2015 we met in the Fitzroy Tavern and thus took its name for our own. For the duration of 2016 we were without a regular home and toured a number of pubs and bars around Fitzrovia but none of the could come close to matching ether the atmosphere or practicality of the Poets bar at the Fitzroy. Thus is 2017 we decided to abandon Fitzrovia and relocate to Islington.

We now meet on the first  Saturday of every month at  Islington Central Library at 11am.


The next meeting of The Fitzroy poetry collective is: February the 3rd 2018

If you think you would be interested then come along.

Any questions please email:  Tommallender@gmail.com