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Write London# Islington and Camden

Write London# Islington and Camden was supported using public funding by the Arts Council England via the Grants for the Arts and the National Lottery and ran during the winter of 2015.

Key Achievements of Write London # Islington and Camden:

·         44 workshops ran with a total of 267 participants from the local community.

·         Truly excellent participant satisfaction 95.1 % of participants rated the usefulness of the workshops as a 4 or 5  out of 5 while 87.8 % of rated the usefulness of them as a   4 or 5 out of 5.

·         An increase of male to female participants over Write London # Hammersmith & Fulham up from 17% to 33.5%.

  Multiple artistic commissions were created including:

·         The anthology Write London Islington and Camden

·         A portfolio of artwork consisting of Art Poems, Engravings, Pen and Ink drawings and Zentagles relatingto Islington and Camden.

·         A reading and exhibition of work held at Holy Cross Centre attended by 32

·         A reading held at Age Uk Islington attended by 26 people.

·         An exhibition of work held at Age Uk Islington which was viewed by approximately 50 people a day.

I would like to add a special thanks to Chris Bird for supplying an array of art work for use both in the workshops and the book.

The anthology is available to be purchased online from