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Write London #Hammersmith and Fulham

Write London# Hammersmith and Fulham ran during the summer of 2015 and was supported using public funding by the Arts Council England via the Grants for the Arts and the National Lottery and the anthology of poems are available to be purchased online from

During this project I achieved the goal I had at its outset of working with the local community to create a collection of poems that reflected both its history and the personal stories of people living here today.

I was able to run a total of 11 workshops with a total of 70 participants from the local community almost all of who fulfilled some criteria of being disenfranchised from wider society.

New artwork was commissioned and created for the project by the artist Ms Reddy Katzy.

Mr Stacy Nye helped in the creation of a feedback questionnaire and then ran an analysis of the participant satisfaction after the project had concluded. From a total of 60 questionnaires the key findings of his report were

Of those participants surveyed 17% identified as male and 83% Female.

The age (in years) of participants recorded was:
18 = 35% 19-29 = 16.7% 30-45 = 5% 46-64 = 18.3% 65 = 15% Prefer not to say = 10%

79.6 % of Participants rated the usefulness of the workshops as Good to Excellent with 50.8% rating as Excellent. A significant indication that the workshop as a whole proved useful.”

73.3% of Participants rated the writing activities as Good to Excellent with 38.3% rating as Excellent. Indicating significant positive Participant experiences with writing activities.

Nearly 80% of participants indicated satisfaction with the pace of the presentation, suggesting no drastic alterations to the speed of delivery. However 22.8% indicated they perceived the pace as too slow, perhaps some thought could be given to the more ‘time heavy’ aspects of the presentation.

87.5% of participants indicated the workshop was just right for their skill level. A highly significant result which suggests no real disparity between workshop demands and Participant skill levels.

97.2% of participants indicated that their personal learning goals for the course were met.

If you would like to know more about this project or to find where a workshop might be being run near you please email me at