Found poems take text and refashion it into a poem, think of it as a collage but with words.

The text can be taken newspapers, street signs, graffiti, letters, books, magazines, songs, overheard conversation and a myriad of other sources that provide the writer with the building blocks of their poems, the words themselves.


Poems written using material found in and around London.

Since writing on toilet walls is done nether for
critical acclaim or financial reward it is the purest form of art

Quite frankly,
I’m just excited that we have started writing on bathroom walls again.

You are sitting at a 45 ° angle
Tried LSD? ...

Closer to the truth?

The time is now, not tomorrow, everybody dance.
but beware of limbo dancers.

White walls,
the night is lit by electric light.

I don’t care about your fucking blog Leroy.

Fuck you liver!
All you need is Sassafras

Stressed, overworked and underpaid?
Remember in the end, we all just die.

Insist on yourself, never imitate
(insist on better graffiti!)

Chlamydia is not the name of the person you went home with last night,
their name was Henry, or Hetti, maybe James or Jane?

MGMT tell me to
move to Paris, shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars

What is life without a mistress or an addiction?
Guilt free, simple and cheap!

Employees must wash their hands before returning to dead-end jobs.





London calling

Grow your potential with those who
practice what they preach

Join one of 18,000 Londoners
who joined last month

London’s best night out
Intrinsically spectacular
all started with a date

CCTV cameras in operation

We deliver
city sprit

This scheme is controlled
Go and be stumped

Change for the jubilee line





Hammersmith to Euston Square
Breaking news, careful
Acts of kindness ... cause delays.
Stories of kindness
(can be dangerous)
    on the underground
For a good time
Stay and play ... the benefits are obvious
All medical conditions considered
Worldwide patents and patents pending
No upper age limit
                               *Intended for single use only