A Victorian Gentleman's Investigation into the Great Social Evil is an ongoing project exploring the condition and stories of London's sex workers and those charged with crimes of sexual impropriety during the early years of Queen Victoria's reign.


The primary source for this project are the interviews conducted and published by Henry Mayhew.  In the 1840s Mayhew observed, documented, and described the state of working people in London for a series of articles in the Morning Chronicle, that were later compiled into the  books London Labour and the London Poor.


I have and indeed I still are making extensive use of the Metropolitan Archives for they hold court records and a range of other documents from which I have drawn a huge amount information for use in this project.


Upon its completion A Victorian Gentleman's Investigation into the Great Social Evil will transport a audience  back to an 1850's meeting hall where they will hear the testimony of among others; Dollymops, Bawds, the victims of Bawds, Soldiers Women, Fancy Men, Bullies, Dress Lodgers and the trial of a man who laid with a soldier. While also hearing how a socially conscious gentleman of the times sees and views the condition of such classes.


In the mean time a number of events are being held giving you the opportunity to hear these stories and see some of the locations mentioned in them.


The first of these guided tours through Victorian London's underworld is being held on September the 17th meeting at Holborn Tube Station at 1pm.


The walk is free, will start at Holborn Station and is approximately 3 miles in length ending near Green Park at4pm.


For more information please email: Tommallender@gmail.com